Diego Kostner

The sculptor from Val Gardena is specialized in making wooden sculptures in modern, Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque styles. Preferred materials are different types of wood, clay, plaster and bronze.

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Wood sculptor and artist from Ortisei in Val Gardena

Diego Kostner is a member of the famous Kostner family of sculptors from Ortisei in Val Gardena. He designs enthusiastically unique sculptures in all styles and by using different kinds of materials.
His work is characterized by creativity and joy in creating. The generation of a unique piece of art requires a lot of imagination, manual skills and individual inspiration. The production of a figure takes place step by step. It starts with the realization of drawn sketches, goes on to the production of a miniature clay model, and lastly there is the creation of the completely handmade sculpture in the desired material. The processed materials are different types of wood, bronze and plaster.

Handmade sculptures by Diego Kostner

The sculptor Diego Kostner creates individual sculptures in all sizes, designs and materials. The processed materials are different types of wood, bronze and plaster. Moreover, he is a specialized portrait artist. When realizing the portraits, he focuses on understanding the nature and character of the portrayed person and tries to incorporate those features into his work.

Drawings by Diego Kostner

For Kostner, drawing is a way of artistically portraying new impulses, sensations and spontaneity. As in the sculptures, the topic is mostly people in their various forms of expression and emotions.